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Baboom to launch today with Dotcom album preview

By | Published on Monday 20 January 2014


Baboom, the much mooted direct-to-fan platform being developed by often controversial MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom will “soft launch” later today, which basically means that Dotcom is using it to release his own album, which will be accessible via an artist profile on the site.

However, the press release confirming this says that Baboom will fully launch in “late 2014”, which is another setback for the switch-on of a service that was already in development before the US authorities shut down MegaUpload two years ago.

Quite what else will occur while Baboom is in beta remains to be seen, though Dotcom told New Zealand media this weekend that when its official launch comes, there’ll be a big advertising campaign to accompany it. In his adopted home country at least.