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BBC planning new prime-time music show

By | Published on Wednesday 19 July 2017


The BBC is plotting a new prime-time music-focused TV show,¬†according to The Sun. It is being made by independent producer Fulwell 73, which has been behind an assortment of music telly specials over the years and has been a producer of America’s ‘Late Late Show’ since James Corden took over as host in 2015.

That latter project also saw Fulwell involved in that whole ‘Carpool Karoke’ nonsense, which has – in part – seemingly inspired the new BBC music show, which will involve musicians taking part in comedy skits before singing their songs. A big name celebrity will co-host with a regular presenter.

I mean, it sounds awful, but the music industry will welcome any programme format that gives artists the opportunity to perform to a mainstream audience in a prime-time telly slot; record labels still annoyed by the demise of ‘Top Of The Pops’, even though it’s more than a decade since the Beeb ran that programme into the ground.

Says one of those pesky sources to The Sun: “The BBC has been desperate for a music show for a modern-day audience. Bosses know they can’t simply get away with showing musicians perform their latest tracks, there needs to be a social media element with the scope to create virals, like ‘The Late Late Show’ and Jimmy Fallon do in the US”.

Remember when Channel 4 had ‘Popworld’? Ah, they were happy happy days weren’t they? Go on, go back and check some of those Simon Amstell interviews on YouTube. A golden age. But hey, “social media elements” – I’m sure that will be marvellous.