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BBC to shift blame for terrible UK Eurovision entry to the public on 26 Feb

By | Published on Monday 18 January 2016

Eurovision 2016

The BBC has announced details of its previously reported show that will put the selection of the UK’s 2016 Eurovision entry into the hands of the public. ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ will be broadcast live on 26 Feb from The Forum in Kentish Town on BBC Four (Eurovision seemingly not ready to be re-invented as an exciting online-only venture, like BBC Three, which previously aired the periphery elements of the song contest).

The public has been allowed to make the choice before, of course. Usually with disastrous results. But they did pick our last winner, Katrina And The Waves’ ‘Love Shine A Light’. So who’s to say this won’t be a great idea, after several years of the UK’s entry being picked by a shady group of people who kept the process behind closed doors? Me. I am saying that.

Six acts who have been selected by a shady group who kept the selection process behind closed doors will each perform for the public’s approval at the event. Then there’ll be some sort of phone vote, resulting in the UK sending some old shite to Eurovision that we’ll all find embarrassing. Which, at least, will be a familiar experience.

The selection show will be hosted by Mel Giedroyc, who says: “I am a huge fan of Eurovision and am honoured to be hosting this fantastic event. It’s very exciting that the great British public will get the chance to choose who will be sent to Sweden and I know it’s going to be an amazing night”.

BBC Four Editor Cassian Harrison adds: “I’m delighted that ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ and both of the semi finals are coming to the channel this year. BBC Four is the home of music on TV in the UK, and as any fan will tell you, Eurovision is one of the biggest music events on the planet and is much more than just one night of TV, therefore it is only right that BBC Four is able to showcase Europe’s favourite music TV event right here in the UK”.

To temper the wave of shit the BBC has almost certainly selected for us to choose from, there will also be some guest performers on the ‘You Decide’ show, who will be announced on 22 Jan. We’ll all then be able to sit around saying, “Why aren’t we sending any of these people to Sweden instead?”

We’ll then be trounced by all those other European countries – including fucking Australia – who take this whole thing a lot more seriously on 12 May.