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BTS label responds to rumoured Coldplay collaboration

By | Published on Friday 16 July 2021


Coldplay and BTS are rumoured to be releasing a new track together, after the lyrics for a song called ‘My Universe’ appeared online yesterday.

Uploaded to lyric site MatchLyric, the song is listed as being by Coldplay featuring BTS and has Korean as well as English lyrics. Well, presumably there are Korean lyrics, the site just has some lines marked as “- Korean -“. A short clip of the supposed track has been doing the rounds on social media too.

It could all be a hoax though, couldn’t it? What we need is an official statement from the two bands’ labels. Luckily, South Korean entertainment news site Star News has got one. In a joint statement, Warner Music Korea and Big Hit Music said: “관련 내용에 대해 확인이 어렵다”.

Oh sure, now you’re all miffed because you can’t read Korean. But I’m not sure translating it is really much help. But we’ll do it anyway. Here we go. In a joint statement, Warner Music Korea and Big Hit Music said: “It’s difficult to verify the relevant information”.

See? No help. You could translate it as saying “confirm” rather than “verify”. That’s still not much help though, is it? Do they mean they can’t say anything right now or they just don’t know?

Anyway, it would make sense for the two bands to work together. Earlier this year, BTS covered Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ during their MTV Unplugged performance, which Coldplay called “beautiful”.

Then, speaking to Pop Crush last month about BTS and possible future collaborations, Chris Martin said: “When it comes to BTS, I just have nothing but love and respect for them. All seven guys, I think they’re just cool, stand for good things and sing about cool things”.

“I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean, they don’t always have to sing in English”, he went on. “I love them a lot and so if the right song came along, I wouldn’t ever say no”.

But anyway, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s difficult to verify the relevant information.