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Byta aims to improve experience for recipients of pre-release music

By | Published on Wednesday 15 April 2015


A new service for sending out pre-release music to media and industry contacts has entered ‘preview release’ ahead of a full launch later this year. Named Byta – the Swedish word for exchange, in case you wondered – it aims to overcome many of the complaints made by journalists, editors and DJs about other pre-release distribution services on the market.

Founder Marc Brown, who also works as a radio plugger, tells CMU: “Being a plugger, I had the normal complaints about SoundCloud and other services. Then I realised no matter where we fit into the musical landscape we all share the same problem – how do we manage the sending and receiving of so much music?”

On the advantages of Byta over other services, he explains: “Byta takes the exchange of digital audio out of email, offering senders and receivers control over their experience. Senders control security and format options, eliminating the need for multiple services. And Byta offers a free account which recipients can use to listen, download and manage received audio instead of searching for links in emails”.

“I speak with journalists and people in radio on a weekly basis and am frequently told I’m the first to ask for feedback on how we can improve their experience”, he continues. “This is reflected in all the other services which range from ugly to unworkable. Even the concept of a ‘digital promo’ is pretty 1999, the world has moved on and these services have not”.

Industry people who regularly send or receive pre-release music can check out Byta for themselves at