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CD Baby hopes to be back working today after database issues took site offline

By | Published on Monday 20 February 2017

CD Baby

DIY distribution firm CD Baby says it hopes to have its platform back online later today, after its site went down late last week.

It’s not entirely clear what caused the outage, though a post on the firm’s Facebook over the weekend said: “We encountered a database issue and needed to take it offline to fix the problem. Ensuring that your sales data is 100% accurate is top priority, so it took a bit of time to verify data integrity. That database has been restored, and we’re working to get the site back online now. We know this is a huge inconvenience for some and sincerely apology to those who have been affected by the outage”.

Meanwhile a statement on the company’s home page now reads: “We’re very sorry about the delays you’re experiencing accessing the CD Baby website. During our scheduled routine maintenance of the website, we experienced an issue with our database that required us to take our system offline. This has taken longer to resolve than expected. We’re working around the clock to bring the site back online”.

The site being down means artists who use CD Baby to distribute their music have been unable to upload new releases or check their data and analytics. Though the firm insists that, beyond the inconvenience caused by the outage, there aren’t any security issues and “all your info is secure”.