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Chemical Brothers create “world’s fastest remix” for new Formula One season

By | Published on Friday 8 March 2019

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have created what is being called – mainly by the PR and marketing people involved – the “fastest remix of all time”, all to launch the 2019 Formula One season. But we’re not talking about fast remixing here. Rather a remix that is, in itself, super fast. It’s a three second version of ‘We’ve Got To Try’, from their upcoming new album, which plays at a speedy 15,000bpm.

Sounds stupid, right? But there’s a logic to it, promise, which I’m sure will stop you from thinking that. For the fun of the challenge (and also some money), the dance music duo were asked to deconstruct their track and reassemble it to mimic the sound of an F1 car travelling at speed. The 15,000bpm tempo was chosen to reflect the 15,000rpm that the engines of modern F1 cars can reach.

It does still sound a bit silly. Maybe I’m not explaining it right. Here’s Chemical Brother Tom Rowlands: “The engineering challenge of creating the fastest remix intrigued us as F1 fans and music producers. It’s exciting to hear our music in the context of F1. The speed and intensity of F1 is a nice reflection of our music and live shows”.

I have to say, I’ve seen the Chemical Brothers live more than once and they’ve always played for longer than three seconds. I supposed it’s been a while since I went to a show though, maybe that’s changed more recently. Certainly, I seem to be the only person here not under the impression that Chemical Brothers tracks are defined by their incredible speed.

“As pioneering sound engineers, with music to match the speed and intensity of F1, there’s nobody better for us to partner with than The Chemical Brothers”, says F1 marketing and communications boss Ellie Norman.

Anyway, ‘WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX’ is on streaming services now (look out for it on our weekly new music playlist). It’s a good job F1 paid the Brothers a commission fee, given streaming royalties only usually kick in at 30 seconds. If you’d rather watch the three second remix, the video for it is here: