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Chrysalis CEO steps down

By | Published on Wednesday 2 March 2011


The all-new BMG Chrysalis yesterday announced that former Chrysalis CEO Jeremy Lascelles was leaving the company.

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially since last week’s announcement about the new executive structure that has been put in place since BMG’s acquisition of Chrysalis, and the merger of it with the German music rights firm’s existing UK business, from which Lascelles’ name was missing. The outgoing CEO himself admitted to Music Week: “It was pretty clear [as soon as BMG bought Chrysalis] there wouldn’t be a role for me so I don’t have any hard feelings about it”.

Commenting on Lascelles’ departure, Chrysalis founder Chris Wright, who is still on the board of the all-new BMG Chrysalis, told reporters: “Jeremy has all the attributes required of someone to play a key role in the management and direction of any music business. He has vast experience and the vital ability to communicate with creative talent”.

He added: “As the music industry changes to meet the demands of the modern era, there’ll be a growing requirement for input from individuals like Jeremy and I’m sure he has a significant role to play in the industry going forward. He and I enjoyed a very close relationship during the seventeen years he was with Chrysalis, and I fully expect that relationship to continue, regardless of where his future in the industry lies”.