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CMU Insights launches major new research project on redefining music education

By | Published on Wednesday 7 March 2018

Music education

CMU’s consultancy unit CMU Insights has announced a major new piece of research called ‘Redefining Music Education’, the first phase of which will inform The Education Conference taking place as part of this year’s Great Escape in May.

The project will investigate how business and entrepreneurial skills could be better incorporated into the music and wider arts curriculum, and how doing so could help make a stronger case for increased investment in these subjects.

As a starting point, CMU Insights says it “believes that industry and entrepreneurial skills – and practical careers advice – should be incorporated into the music and wider arts curriculum. Doing this will better prepare young people to pursue careers in the music and creative industries. It will provide young people with the kind of transferable media, communication and IP skills that are increasingly important in the social media age. And it will ensure that music education is truly providing the next generation of creatives and business leaders for the music industry”.

It goes on: “It is no secret that music education in England is suffering due to funding cuts and the down-grading of creative subjects in the way schools are assessed. We believe that our agenda would reframe the music education conversation with political decision makers. Because by more closely allying music education and the music industry, any investment in the former will become an investment in the latter. Our agenda creates an economic as well as social and cultural case for increased funding in arts education”.

The research project will seek to identify what industry and entrepreneurial skills should be taught, exactly how these new elements could be taught, and how those who support this agenda can persuade educators, the industry and government to get on board. CMU Insights is currently seeking companies and organisations that would like to contribute to this research as partners, sponsors or participants. Full info is available here.

The Education Conference is one of three full-day conferences CMU Insights will present at the heart of the Great Escape Convention in May. Standalone tickets are available for The Education Conference, which takes place on Wednesday 16 May. They are £65 and are available here.

TGE delegates have access to The Education Conference on the Wednesday, plus The AI Conference on Thursday 17 May and The China Conference on Friday 18 May. Delegate and convention-only passes for TGE are available here.