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Coldplay top Ticketmaster’s poll of top events in 2016

By | Published on Tuesday 29 November 2016


If there’s one thing human beings in 2016 like, it’s a list. Everyone knows that. Even Ticketmaster. Which is why the Live Nation ticketing firm polled its customers around the world on the most popular events in 2016, and the most hotly anticipated shows in 2017.

Of course, what Ticketmaster has failed to notice is that, while they definitely like lists, human beings in 2016 aren’t that bothered about whether or not those lists contain actual truths. So rather than going to the effort of actually surveying some customers, the ticketing firm could have just made these lists up.

Now, of course, all you cynics out there are probably saying, “well, CMU, how do we know that that’s not exactly what Ticketmaster did, and that these lists you are about to publish aren’t a load of made up nonsense direct from the imaginations of a Ticketmaster PR whizz?” Well, cynics, it’s simple. No one would voluntarily choose to give Coldplay three spots in the UK top ten would they? No one would imagine such a thing. As 2016 has proven time and again, only reality is this grim.

Anyway, lists…

UK Tickets Of The Year 2016 (most popular events)
1. Coldplay (London, Wembley Stadium)
2. Download (Derby, Donington Park)
3. Beyonce (London, Wembley Stadium)
4. Stone Roses (Manchester, Etihad Stadium)
5. Coldplay (Manchester, Etihad Stadium)
6. Creamfields (Cheshire)
7. Coldplay (Glasgow, Hampden Park)
8. NFL International Series (London, Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadiums)
9. Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band (London, Wembley Stadium)
10. Biffy Clyro, Glasgow Summer Series (Glasgow, Bellahouston Park)

UK Most Anticipated Events 2017
1. Robbie Williams
2. Coldplay
3. Take That
4. Drake
5. Guns N Roses
6. Bruno Mars
7. Download Festival
8. Kings Of Leon
9. The Weeknd
10. Radiohead

Global Ticket Of The Year 2016 (most popular events)
1. Coldplay (London, United Kingdom)
2. Rock Werchter Festival (Belgium)
3. Justin Bieber (Arnhem, Netherlands)
4. Download Festival (United Kingdom)
5. Beyonce (London, United Kingdom)
6. Lollapalooza (Berlin, Germany)
7. Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band (Den Haag, Netherlands)
8. The Stone Roses (Manchester, United Kingdom)
9. Coldplay (Manchester, United Kingdom)
10. Coldplay (Amsterdam, Netherlands)