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Council to meet with Live Nation over Wireless Festival gatecrashing

By | Published on Tuesday 7 July 2015


Haringey Council in North London has called in Wireless promoter Live Nation for a meeting about security measures at the festival, after gatecrashers broke through the fence around the event.

As previously reported, there were a number of instances of groups trying to break through the event’s fencing, and on at least one occasion on Friday dozens did so, albeit with the help of a festival-goer on the inside. Much viewed video footage of that incident on YouTube possibly resulted in an increase in the number of people trying to gain illicit entry on subsequent days, which police and security staff endeavoured to prevent.

Confirming that it would be meeting with organisers to discuss safety at Finsbury Park-based music events, Haringey Council nonetheless told BBC Newsbeat that the scenes of gatecrashing shown in the YouTube videos were “not representative of the whole festival” and that the event as a whole saw “tens of thousands of people enjoy themselves safely”.