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Crowdmix confirms loss of CEO ahead of launch

By | Published on Monday 13 June 2016


Those of you who have been wondering “does the world really need a social network for music?” might now be asking “will we ever find out?” God you’re a bunch of cynics. Just because, after weeks of chatter about the delayed launch of Crowdmix – the social network for music – the start-up confirmed on Friday that its CEO had left the company.

Crowdmix confirmed the departure of top man Ian Roberts to Business Insider, saying in a statement: “As Crowdmix moves towards the public launch of its app following a successful invite-only private beta, its co-founder and CEO, Ian Roberts, has left the business”.

But don’t be worrying, everything is going just dandy with those moves to public launch. “Crowdmix is currently raising a fourth round of investment which is expected to be completed in the coming days. The new funding will ensure operational growth, enabling the executive team, which includes co-founder Gareth Ingham who now takes the role of CEO, [and] Rob Wells (COO and CEO in the Americas), to take the business forward. Staff have been paid their wages”.

Oh, yeah, wages. That last bit followed reports that Crowdmix’s workforce were only paid their May salaries this month. But hey, launch. “I am immensely proud of the world class team we’ve managed to assemble for the next stage of our journey”, said Roberts alongside the official Crowdmix statement. “I wish everyone huge success. I believe Crowdmix will be a real force for good and remain a massive supporter”.

As do we all. Do we? A force for good? Yeah, why not? Though I do still wonder, does the world really need a social network for music?