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Danny Brown aims to offset misogyny with children’s book

By | Published on Wednesday 8 April 2015

Danny Brown

Danny Brown has spoken more about his previously reported children’s book, saying that he hopes writing it will offset the misogyny in his lyrics.

“The first one I want to write is about self-esteem, in terms of women”, he told Dazed Digital. “Because I talk so much about getting my dick sucked, and so much misogyny, I gotta right all my wrongs! I have a daughter. You can’t have all negative, you gotta have some positive to it. So if I make these rap songs about all this misogyny, I need to write books”.

You could also not write those lyrics. But I suppose it’s too late to stop that now. Anyway, he continued: “At the end of the day, whatever you do with music, you get it back. And as long as I’ve been making the type of music that I’ve been making, I’ve seen what I’ve gotten back from it. So now it’s time for me to right that wrong. I don’t want my daughter to be one of those girls that [have] been in my hotel room”.

All this is “on the backburner” while he works on his new album though, of which he says: “I always compare it to when you’re feeding a sick dog. You have to put his medicine inside his food. So all this time I’ve been trying to do it, but I always would sugar coat it with other things to make people get into it. So now, there’s no sugar coating, it’s just blatantly in your face, in an experimental and progressive way”.

Citing The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, The Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ and System Of A Down’s ‘Toxicity’ as influences on his new music, he added that few other rappers are thinking of rap within the wider history of music in this way: “I just think it comes with musical knowledge and my age. A lot of people that’s popular in rap are young. It’s a young game. It doesn’t really pertain to older people that could study music that long. I’m probably the oldest cool guy around right now”.

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