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Dave Grohl’s mum interviews other rock n roll mothers for new book

By | Published on Thursday 6 April 2017

Dave Grohl & Virginia Hanlon Grohl

Dave Grohl’s mum has written a book about other rock n roll mothers and their experiences, titled ‘From Cradle To Stage’.

Virginia Hanlon Grohl has apparently taken a close interest in her son’s career, following him to numerous Nirvana and Foo Fighters shows over the years. She was surprised not to bump into other mothers along the way, so she went down the other traditional route for meeting people and interviewed a load of them for her book.

“They all said, ‘Oh, there’s nothing interesting about me except for my son or daughter'”, Grohl Snr tells Rolling Stone. “And then it turned out that wasn’t true at all”.

Among those she met were the mothers of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Josh Groban, Adam Levine, Tom Morello, Miranda Lambert and Beastie Boys’ Mike D.

And if you’re hoping for some dirt on famous nice guy Dave Grohl in the new book, here’s the level of anecdote you can expect: “I didn’t need to tell him that, even when we just had peanut butter and jelly for dinner, he should still say thank you. He thanked me every time”.