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Deezer launches language tuition playlists

By | Published on Thursday 26 November 2020


Putting something in a song is a good way to remember it, but can it help you to learn a new language? Well, Deezer is hoping so. In the ongoing battle for streaming services to differentiate themselves in some way – any way, really – Deezer has launched a load of playlists to aid with language learning.

Working with language and music expert Susanna Zarysky, Deezer has launched playlists for listeners learning English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Each contains 20 tracks, with the first five aimed at building vocabulary, the next five aiding pronunciation, the next serving up some local slang, and the final five helping to understand cultural meanings.

“Music should be an integral part of the language learning process”, says Zaraysky. “Not only is it fun, but it’s effective. Songs are the entry into the sounds of another language, and can assist in every aspect of language learning, from grammatical patterns to perfect pronunciation”.

Deezer’s Chief Data and Research Officer Aurelien Herault adds: “[Our] consumer research reveals that people are very open to learning new languages through music. But finding the right tracks can be hard. That’s why our editors have curated a dedicated channel with playlists to help you learn, as well a selection of language-related podcasts. So put on your headphones, press play, and follow the lyrics. It’s one of the best ways to jump-start your language journey”.

You can find all the playlists, plus those language tuition podcasts, on Deezer here.