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Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing pushed back into 2015

By | Published on Monday 7 July 2014

Kim Dotcom

If you had 2015 in the sweepstake for “years in which Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing will actually get to court”, then well done, you’re still in with a chance.

Yes, according to the MegaUpload founder’s Twitter feed, attempts by the American authorities to extradite Dotcom from New Zealand to the US, to face charges of mass copyright infringement and money laundering relating to his role in running the now defunct file-transfer business, will now be considered in court on 16 Feb next year. The original hearing was due to take place in summer 2012.

The extradition case has been pushed back numerous times due to all sorts of complications. This morning, after a scheduled hearing in New Zealand earlier today, Dotcom tweeted: “New extradition hearing date – 16 Feb 2015. Still didn’t receive a copy of my seized data. That’s the data the FBI shipped to the US illegally”.

As previously reported, attempts by Dotcom to gain access to data seized during the shutdown of MegaUpload – data the US authorities were allowed to take back to America despite New Zealand laws forbidding them to do so – has been one of the delaying factors.