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Downsizing in Samsung’s Milk Music division

By | Published on Wednesday 27 May 2015


Is Samsung about to cut off Milk supplies? Would doing so make it the Margaret Thatcher of digital content? Given this month’s election result, would that make it the digital music platform of choice for Middle England? Though how would that work if there was no milk left? Perhaps they could just provide powdered milk and let the user provide the water? What’s the musical equivalent of powdered milk? Hmm. Pitbull.

Anyway, this is all idle speculation. Idle speculation and nonsense. Could we make that our slogan? Maybe. But the point is, Samsung’s US-based Media Solutions Center has reportedly been busy downsizing its workforce, with maybe as many as 15% of its 250 staffers laid off, according to Variety. And the Media Solutions Center is behind the tech firm’s most recent efforts in digital music, the bizarrely named Milk Music.

All of which has led to some speculation as to the future of Milk Music, though it may be that the newer Milk Video platform is more at risk, given reports that Kevin Swint – who came to Samsung after running video at iTunes, and who led the launch of Milk Video last year – has also departed the company.

Though we should stress that Samsung, which refused to comment on all this “rumour and speculation” told Variety: “What we can tell you is that Samsung remains committed to delivering engaging, connected entertainment experiences through its Milk platform, and we continue to expand our library of music, video and virtual reality”.

Virtual reality milk? Wow. Not even Thatcher could have snatcher-ed that. Well done Samsung, you’ve just achieved the socialist dream in the form of digital content. Unfortunately that means you will spectacularly if disappointingly fail. Still, there’s always money to be made out of idle speculation and nonsense.