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Eminem to re-release ‘Slim Shady LP’ on cassette

By | Published on Monday 7 March 2016

Slim Shady LP

Eminem is re-releasing the ‘Slim Shady LP’ on, well, cassette. Why? Well, why not.

After all, we have just celebrated the all important seventeenth birthday of the seminal album, and we all know there is a whole generation who have only ever enjoyed tracks like ‘Guilty Conscience’ and ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’ via MP3, Spotify stream or YouTube, and now they too will be able to experience those songs in that extra special flat, dull and uninspiring sound quality that only the good old fashioned cassette could ever deliver.

Though if you click on the link the rapper tweeted last week to sign up for updates on the impending cassette release, and other incoming merch options, you have to confirm you’re aged 13 or over. But what about all the twelve year olds missing out on some quality cassette-based rap action? Now there’s something Eminem should have a guilty conscience over, if only he could give a fuck.