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Former AEG Live UK chief returns with new business

By | Published on Thursday 22 January 2015

Rob Hallett

The former boss of AEG Live in the UK, Rob Hallett, who, as previously reported, departed the live music major last April, has unveiled his new business venture.

He’s told Music Week that the new company will be called Robomagic, and will be one of those “360 operations” operating in various strands of the music industry, though live music will undoubtedly be a key element of all that.

Hallett says that his new business has “the ambition and financial backing” to compete with his former employer and its main rival in the live space Live Nation, and that – while a “boutique operation” – it is looking to produce at arena and even stadium level in the UK and worldwide.

Alongside the live events, the new company will have a unit able to invest in the businesses of both emerging and established artists, and will get involved in recordings, publishing and brand partnerships, while seeking to allow talent to retain more control over their copyrights. On which Hallett says: “The desire to make the lives of both established and aspiring artists much fairer and more equitable is at the heart of the company”.

In that regard Hallett’s new business will have parallels with Sixth, the new company from MAMA co-founder Dean James which, like the original MAMA business, aims to combine artist services with live event promotion, helping to develop artist brands across the board, and then especially in the live space.