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Glastonbury Festival to have own 4G network

By | Published on Wednesday 16 April 2014

Glastonbury x EE

Glastonbury has announced that EE will provide a bespoke 4G network on site at this year’s festival. This means that anyone with a 4G enabled phone will be able to watch stuff on iPlayer (Glastonbury performances they couldn’t be bothered to walk to, perhaps), or enjoy quick access to Instagram, or even make phone calls. Assuming it actually works.

The phone companyhas also announced a new way of allowing festival-goers to charge their phones, avoiding the usually very long queues at the charging tent.

If not queuing to charge your battery sounds like the sort of thing you might enjoy, then you should go and buy an EE Festival Power Bar before 9 Jun. The portable charger will keep your phone topped up for longer, and when it’s run out, all you need do is take it to the EE tent and swap it for a new one.

EE Brand Director Spencer McHugh said of all this: “Last year we saw a huge increase in photo and video uploads on our network at Glastonbury as people shared their magical festival moments from across the site. By providing superfast 4G at the festival alongside the launch of our new charging solution, the EE Festival Power Bar, we will make sure all those at the UK’s best-loved festival can stay connected and share content more easily and quicker than ever before”.

And as if we hadn’t talked about EE enough already, the company is currently giving away tickets to Glastonbury. Chance your arm here.