Guvera set to launch next week

By | Published on Wednesday 16 December 2009

The previously reported new ad-funded download store based in Australia – Guvera – is set to launch in its home territory in time for Christmas. McDonald’s, Mountain Dew, Domino’s Pizza, Bacardi, Slush Puppie, Activision, Schweppes and Johnson & Johnson are reportedly on board as brand sponsors.

As previously reported, ads won’t be attached to songs, rather each brand will have their own channel on the Guvera website. Apparently you’ll fill out a quick form, and be directed to a relevant brand’s page where you can download a certain number of tracks. When you reach your quota of, say, Maccy D-funded downloads, you can opt for a different brand’s channel. Presumably the brands hope to buy some consumer love by giving you some free tunes.

The brands will cover the royalty costs associated with the free downloads. Both Universal and EMI will be providing tracks at launch.