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HMV to close Irish stores

By | Published on Thursday 14 July 2016


HMV is set to withdraw from the Republic Of Ireland once again.

As previously reported, when the old HMV business collapsed in 2013, it took the Irish side of the enterprise with it. However, new HMV owners Hilco then re-opened an albeit seriously streamlined network of stores in Ireland, ultimately running four shops.

Though HMV’s brand got a further boost in the country via an alliance with another Hilco-owned retail chain, DVD outfit Xtra-vision, which introduced HMV-branded music sections. But then, earlier this year, Xtra-vision was wound up as a high street business.

And now Hilco has confirmed that its four standalone HMV stores in Ireland will close in the coming months, meaning that the firm’s only outlet on the island of Ireland will be in the North in Belfast.