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Iggy Azalea seeks injunction against former boyfriend over unreleased music

By | Published on Thursday 8 January 2015

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea’s case against former boyfriend Maurice Williams has finally made it into court, with the rapper herself appearing yesterday to ask for a preliminary injunction to stop Williams from selling some of her early music.

As previously reported, Azalea met Williams, aka Hefe Wine, when she was seventeen. The pair worked on music together, as well as beginning a relationship. At some point during this time, her lawsuit alleges, “Williams downloaded the entire contents of Azalea’s personal computer”.

In August, early Azalea tracks appeared on download stores, though were forced offline again with a cease-and-desist from Universal Music. These tracks were amongst the files Azalea says were stolen from her by Williams. He claims that he has a signed agreement granting him access to use the music in any way he sees fit, though the rapper’s lawsuit says that this agreement is, in fact, a (not particularly good) fake.

Williams also claims that the couple were previously married.

A decision on whether or not to grant Azalea the injunction she seeks is expected today.