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Insights Blog: Five sessions just added to CMU@TGE 2017

By | Published on Wednesday 8 March 2017

The CMU Insights conference sits at the heart of the Great Escape Convention: four conferences in one covering media, export, drugs and royalties, together reshaping the business of music. Full schedules for each of the CMU Insights conferences taking place this year are now available – and here’s the lowdown on five of the sessions that have just been confirmed…

1. The battle for digital transparency. As artists and songwriters call on government to put pressure on the big music corporations to be more transparent about their digital deals, we will reveal what information music creatives and their managers want access to and why they need it, based on the findings of the Music Managers Forum’s ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ research. CMU’s Chris Cooke – who wrote that report – will discuss its findings with MMF CEO Annabella Coldrick.

2. Will it be streams that actually kill the radio star? As streaming services ramp up their curation services and original programming, are they becoming the new radio? And if so, what does that mean for traditional broadcasters? We plot the future of radio with Folder Media, 7digital and Brighton’s own youth radio venture Platform B.

3. Want to go global? Artist managers who have benefited from the Music Export Growth Scheme will present a series of case studies which together provide a guide to launching new artists in new markets. Including David Manders from Test Card Recordings discussing his work with Public Service Broadcasting and Julie Weir from Goremount on exporting Fearless Vampire Killers.

4. Why are some artists shunning collective licensing in live? Adam Elfin from PACE Rights Management will outline why artists like Deftones, Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler and Mr Big’s Paul Gilbert have adopted a direct licensing approach in the live space, while CMU’s Chris Cooke will explain what the hell that means.

5. We need to talk about Brexit. BPI’s Director Of Public Affairs Ian Moss will walk you through the mechanics of Brexit – what’s happened so far and what’s still to come? – informing our discussion on how the UK exiting the European Union will impact the wider music industry.

CMU Insights @ The Great Escape takes place on 18 and 19 May at the heart of the TGE Convention programme. Get a delegates pass to get access to all of the CMU conferences, other convention sessions and parties, and priority access to the TGE festival.