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isoHunt founder settles with the labels

By | Published on Monday 25 July 2016


Just as recent file-sharing leader Kickass Torrrents was given a good kicking last week following the arrest of its alleged overseer, the founder of a file-sharing platform of old has finally settled with the record industry.

isoHunt founder Gary Fung seemed to relish battling with the music and movie industries over the legalities of his file-sharing platform, but he finally gave up in 2013 in a deal that took the then ten year old service offline. Though that deal was with Hollywood, not the music industry.

The labels’ settlement then took another two and half years to hammer out. Because Fung is Canadian, it was Music Canada that led on those negotiations, and an agreement has finally been reached. Fung will pay the labels $66 million, breaking down as $55 million damages, $10 million in aggravated punitive damages and $1 million in legal costs.

Confirming a deal had finally been done, while referring to Music Canada by its old name of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, Fung said this weekend, according to Torrentfreak: “After ten long years, I’m happy to announce the end of isoHunt’s and my lawsuits. And I want to congratulate both Hollywood and CRIA on their victories, in letting me off with fines of $110 million and $66 million, respectively. Thank you!”

So that’s that done and dusted. Who’s next? I wonder what file-sharing platform all the cool kids are now using. Anyone know a cool kid?