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Kanye West “absolutely” still has ambitions to become US President

By | Published on Friday 23 September 2022

Kanye West

We’ve been waiting with trepidation for some time now for the big announcement on whether or not a certain person will stand for the US presidency again in 2024. And it seems like we might now be drawing closer to learning whether or not that will happen. That’s right, Kanye West says he still has political ambitions.

In a new interview with ABC, the rapper says that he “absolutely” still has ambitions to enter the world of politics, despite his fairly disastrous run in the 2020 US presidential election.

“That time wasn’t in God’s time”, he says of that initial attempt to be leader of the free world. “I’m sure there’s lives that were saved. I’m sure God had me fall on the sword and say, ‘This is not the time’, but you know, he’s a redeemer”.

West’s somewhat chaotic presidential campaign in 2020 saw him receive around 60,000 votes in the twelve states where he was actually standing – less than 1% of the 81 million that secured victory for Joe Biden. As a result, he eventually conceded defeat, although did indicate then that he would be back in 2024.

We’re obviously also waiting to hear whether or not Donald Trump will stand again in 2024, but is anyone really interested in that? It’s Ye we want to know about.