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Kanye’s Life Of Pablo no longer a Tidal exclusive, rapper working with Scooter Braun

By | Published on Friday 1 April 2016

Kanye West

Never say never, that’s what they say. Kanye West said his latest album would “never never never be on Apple”, “never be for sale”, and only be available on Tidal. Now it’s available on all major streaming services, including Apple Music, and it’s for sale on his website.

As previously reported, one track from the album, ‘Famous’, appeared on other streaming services over the Easter weekend. It was then followed by another, ‘I Love Kanye’, earlier this week. Then the biggest of a series of updates to the album on Tidal were made, with new versions of twelve tracks being uploaded.

This possibly marks the end of the album as “a living breathing changing creative expression”, as West has previously described it; its release across other services seemingly marking its completion. Which is an interesting way of working if nothing else. And one only really feasible in the streaming age.

Elsewhere in Kanye news, Billboard reckons that the rapper has new management, in the form of Scooter Braun. West has reportedly been working with Justin Bieber’s manager alongside his existing rep Izzy Zivkovic for around a month. Although a second source suggests that this is more of a consultation than a formal management deal.