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Madonna confirmed for Eurovision after contract is finally signed

By | Published on Friday 17 May 2019


Madonna will definitely perform at tomorrow’s Eurovision Song Contest final after a contract dispute was resolved, it has been announced. The singer was briefly barred from entering the Eurovision venue, Expo Tel Aviv, when she turned up for rehearsals yesterday, due to ongoing issues around her contract with the European Braodcasting Union.

But then Israeli broadcaster Kan subsequently announced yesterday: “Now it’s official. After some tense days, a contract between Madonna and the Eurovision producers was signed today”.

The issue holding up the signing of the contract reportedly related to the broadcasting rights of Madonna’s 1989 single ‘Like A Prayer’, which she plans to perform on Saturday. It was previously reported that it was the political content of a new song that she also plans to sing that was causing problems for the supposedly apolitical Eurovision.

Madonna arrived in Israel earlier this week, and while the contract remained unsigned Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the European Broadcast Union, which oversees Eurovision, ordered that she be barred from entering the venue for rehearsals. This order temporarily came into force yesterday, although according to reports she was in fact allowed access after brief negotiations with producers.

With everything now signed and sealed, Madonna is finally officially confirmed to appear as the interval entertainment on Saturday night.