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Meek Mill/Drake squabble continues

By | Published on Monday 27 July 2015


If you thought rapper Meek Mill sort of possibly maybe apologising to Drake for claiming that his more famous rival and recent track-collaborator uses ghostwriters was the end of this rap squabble, then you were wrong wrong wrong. The good old fashioned diss track is still going strong, it seems.

As previously reported, Mill said last week that Drake “don’t write his own raps”, adding that it was because he had found out about this that Drake was pretty lacklustre in promoting the two rappers’ recent collaboration. And now a new track from Mr Drake himself, which he premiered on his Beats 1 radio show this weekend, seemingly responds to those allegations.

The NME records some of the lyrics of new track ‘Charged Up’ as follows: “I did some charity today for the kids / But I’m used to it cause all y’all charity cases / All y’all stare in my face and hope you could be to replace me / Snitchin on us without no interrogation / I stay silent cause we at war and I’m very patient”.

I’m not sure rapping about the fall out counts as staying silent. And Mill, for certain, has no plans involving silence, seemingly promising a response rap this week, while conceding that Drake almost certainly did write the new diss rap he aired this weekend because it’s “baby lotion soft”.

So, that’s all fun isn’t it? I wonder if this is one of those well-it-gets-us-lots-of-press-doesn’t-it rap beefs, or one of those I’ll-end-up-posting-a-sex-tape-of-your-babymother-and-be-left-with-a-damages-bill-for-seven-million-dollars rap squabbles.