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MIA and H&M team up to promote clothes recycling

By | Published on Thursday 17 March 2016


MIA has teamed up with H&M to create a new music video promoting the recycling of clothes, as part of World Recycle Week.

Both are very disappointed that you buy clothes, wear them once and then flush them down the toilet, bury them, or force-feed them to horses. Well, it’s putting clothes in the bin so that they end up in landfill that they’re focussing on, but those other things are bad too. They would much rather that you gave your old clothes back so that they can be recycled into textile fibres for new garments.

H&M has apparently been doing this since 2013, but I didn’t know about it, so I’m assuming you didn’t either. Which is why MIA needs to make a video about it.

“Hopefully, garment collecting will become a natural part of fashion”, says H&M. “Alongside MIA’s insanely cool music video – seriously, it’s a must-watch – bloggers and characters from the video will also film rehaul clips, showing the pieces they will recycle during World Recycle Week. That’s right – haul videos are so last season, rehaul is the new new”.

I don’t know what any of that means. Whatever, the video will be put out on that internet on 11 Apr. World Recycle Week actually runs from 18-24 Apr.