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MIA to release exclusive content through Patreon

By | Published on Monday 3 February 2020


MIA has launched a profile on fan subscription site Patreon. Anyone willing to pay a minimum of $5 a month is promised various bits of content, including behind the scenes studio videos, unreleased documentary footage and artwork.

“I’m doing a Patreon, because I make so much stuff and record so many things that aren’t music and don’t fit on other platforms”, she explains. “I’ve tried all the other platforms and it’s like: this one is too mean and hateful, this one is too fake and self-obsessed, and this one just sells all your data to Cambridge Analytica. Hopefully, this one is going to be just right”.

She adds that those who hand over $10 a month for her top tier will receive much more content, saying: “It might be a song, a recipe, a manifesto, maybe I could help you with your homework, you guys could be my manager for a day, tell me what to do with my career, therapy sessions, dating advice, we’ll see what happens”.

Patreon’s Kerri Pollard says: “We’re proud to provide MIA a platform to engage freely and independently with the community she’s been building for decades. When artists invite their fans to become active participants in their creative process, they’re able to create more meaningful connections and place creativity over everything”.

“For an artist like MIA to be able to leverage technology to foster unique experiences with her community, that’s what Patreon is all about”, Pollard adds.

MIA will also be releasing her sixth album later this year through more traditional channels. But if you want more than that, you can check out her Patreon page here.