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Morrissey on prank-call-gate: It’s the Windsor’s fault

By | Published on Thursday 13 December 2012


It was inevitable really, wasn’t it? Morrissey has finally broken his silence on the subject of Australian radio station 2DayFM’s prank call to the London hospital treating Kate Middleton for morning sickness. The nurse who put through their call, of course, was later found dead after apparently taking her own life.

Amidst the landslide of online criticism aimed at the pranksters, Morrissey, as it happens, thinks that it’s wrong to focus on the two DJs themselves, when blame so clearly lies elsewhere.

Speaking to New Zealand’s 3 News, the singer said: “Even with the recent story about the nurse killing herself in King Edward Hospital, there’s no blame placed at Kate Middleton who was in the hospital as far as I could see for absolutely no reason. She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she’s saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering, absolutely staggering. And why it’s allowed to be I really don’t know”.

Presenter Ali Ikram responded that Middleton “had a health condition, she had to go somewhere”. Morrissey wasn’t convinced though, continuing: “Does she have a health condition? Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy? We don’t know. But what is the health condition? I mean morning sickness already? So much hoo haa and then suddenly as bright as a button as soon as this poor woman dies she’s out of hospital? It doesn’t ring true. It doesn’t ring true”.

Straying off the topic of the Royals slightly, he added: “I’m sure the Palace and Clarence House put maximum pressure on this poor nurse, and of course that’s kept away from the press. I’m sure the British press hounded this poor woman to her death, that’s kept away. And by this time next week she’ll be forgotten”.

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