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Morrissey’s Morrissey book now in book shops

By | Published on Friday 18 October 2013


It’s odd that, as opposed to a film or TV show coming out, the world thinks it’s fine to make ‘spoiler’ lists of the highlights of a famous person’s autobiography.

And indeed that is the case with Morrissey’s new book ‘Autobiography’, which is, in actual, non-fictional fact, an autobiography. For a while it looked like it wasn’t going to be published, but now it has, so why not go and buy it?

Or just look at one of the many, many skim-read media reviews of what’s in it. “But what is in it?”, you ask. Well, amongst other things, that:

a) Morrissey nurses numerous grudges
b) Morrissey has had a significant, loving relationship in his life
c) Morrissey’s POV on The Smiths remains ambiguous
d) Morrissey nearly became a sitcom star

and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, that:

e) Morrissey is prone to being maudlin

Here is a link to buy Moz’s ‘Autobiography’ via its publishers, Penguin Books.