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My Chemical Romance planning announcement for nine years and eleven months anniversary of The Black Parade

By | Published on Thursday 21 July 2016


Oh my God, are My Chemical Romance getting back together? The world seems to think so. Well, some people in the world. And I’m not sure how convinced a lot of them are. But there’s a mysterious video up on YouTube, so we might as well speculate.

Right, so, this video appeared yesterday on the My Chemical Romance YouTube channel. It is 34 seconds long. It’s all ambient and flaggy, and at the end “9/23/16” pops up. When you rearrange those numbers into the correct order, it reveals that fans should expect something MCR-related to happen on 23 Sep 2016.

What could it mean? Well, that date does mark the nine years and eleven months anniversary of the release of the band’s ‘The Black Parade’ album. Which is, of course, a landmark traditionally celebrated across the world. So it could be that the band will announce their reunion to mark the occasion. Or it might be an announcement that they’ll be re-releasing the record a month later around the less commonly celebrated tenth anniversary of the album.

Who knows? I don’t. And maybe MCR guitarist Frank Iero doesn’t either. He’s releasing an album with new project Death Spells on 29 Jul. And then he’s touring in August and September, which doesn’t suggest he has much else planned. But then Death Spells aren’t really playing that many shows, so maybe he had to cut all that short so he could get ready for his former band’s triumphant return.

Or maybe the planet will have exploded or have been destroyed by aliens by then. It’s just too exciting. Calm yourself down with this soothing video: