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Nadine Coyle doesn’t even regret releasing her solo album through Tesco, if you must know

By | Published on Wednesday 17 September 2014

Nadine Coyle

Former Girl Aloud Nadine Coyle is not at all embarrassed that she released her debut solo album in 2010, ‘Insatiable’, exclusively through Tesco stores. So stop saying that she is, OK? Why would you even say that? Seriously, come over here (or there) and say that to her face. Go on. You’ll see how not bothered she is.

Actually, if you want to make a point of it, she was experimenting with new ways to do business, an opportunity afforded to all artists in this amazing new music industry of ours. She really was the U2 of her day. Except she only released her album on CD and sold it next to some onions.

Speaking to Attitude, Coyle explained: “We only released it in one shop. We didn’t have any digital downloads, or iTunes, except for Tesco. That was the deal that we had done, to try something new. So no, I don’t have any regrets whatsoever”.

She does, however, admit that it might look a bit like she did have some regrets, because she abandoned promoting the album shortly after its release and fled to another country.

“I was going to do a second single, ‘Running’, and I really should have, so sometimes I think I should have just stuck it out and done that”, she says. “But I went back to LA and rested and got myself together”.

Now she’s working on a new solo album with Girls Aloud producer Brian Higgins, which will be released as a freebie in packets of Coco Pops. Possibly.