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Naughty Boy says he’s not to blame for Zayn leaving One Direction

By | Published on Thursday 24 September 2015

Lorraine Kelly & Naughty Boy

Producer Naughty Boy has said he was falsely accused of being to blame for Zayn Malik leaving One Direction earlier this year. He’s not that naughty.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show, via Digital Spy, he said: “I got caught up in a bit of a circus … when Zayn left the band. I got accused of [being] the reason why he left, because he wanted to work with me. But do you know what it is, One Direction is like an economy, it’s not a band”.

I’m not sure if he’s saying that Malik left for artistic reasons, or because of disagreements over 1D’s GDP projections. Maybe both.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter now, because Malik and the guy who chooses to be known as Naughty Boy have fallen out and gone their separate ways. Malik to RCA and Naughty Boy to Beyonce.

Speaking about moving on to record a single with Beyonce, he said: “It became a bit of a circus [with Malik] and in hindsight it’s like I went back to primary school. With Beyonce and this song I feel like I’m doing my masters. The whole year has been a journey and to end it on this note is the best way I can actually explain [that] what I do best is make music and hopefully inspire people”.

Hey Naughty Boy, it’s not even the end of the year yet, there’s still time to record an album with Niall Horan.