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Nick Mulvey releases vinyl made from recycled plastic washed up on Cornish beaches

By | Published on Thursday 3 October 2019

Nick Mulvey plastic waste vinyl

Nick Mulvey has partnered with Cornwall-based beer maker Sharp’s Brewery to have his latest single, ‘In The Anthropocene’, pressed onto vinyl made from plastic waste found washed up on the Cornish coast.

A limited run of 105 copies of the record have been created, each of them unique, being made up of random pieces of washed up plastic. And the song itself has an environmental theme, lyrically exploring the responsibility and future of humanity in the Anthropocene – that being the geological age we find ourselves in, in which humans have, for the first time, become the primary influence over Earth’s geology and ecosystems.

“My music is about knowing who – or what – we are, right at the core; aliveness itself, conscious”, says Mulvey. “These times of urgent global crisis are demanding we re-examine ourselves and the world and we raise ourselves to match the Earth, this wonder-organism from which we are not, and have never been, separate.”

As well as Mulvey, the release is also credited to Keynvor – a recording artist created by Sharp’s last year and named after the Cornish word for ocean.

In fact, in theory Keynvor is the Atlantic Ocean itself, and is a Universal-signed recording artist, with all royalties going straight into the water (via ocean conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage). The first release for the project was a collaboration with composer Sebastian Plano, titled ‘Preservation’.

“The Atlantic Ocean inspires everything that we do”, says James Nicholls of Sharp’s Brewery. “Keynvor is a project where we created ideas to help preserve the coast that surrounds us here in Cornwall”.

“Last year”, he adds, “we helped the ocean enter the charts under Keynvor. I’m excited to say that [now] we’re really turning the tables on the music industry by releasing ‘In The Anthropocene’, with Nick Mulvey, by upcycling single-use plastic found on our beaches and turning it into playable ‘ocean vinyl'”.

You can buy the record here or through selected Drift stores. All proceeds will go to Surfers Against Sewage.

Listen to ‘In The Anthropocene’ here: