And Finally

No New Pornographers for the Christians thank you very much

By | Published on Thursday 16 September 2010

Best ‘And Finally’ of the year? Possibly. A Christian college in Michigan has had to cancel a gig by The New Pornographers because too many people thought the educational institute was staging an event showcasing gentlemen from the porn industry. And new gentlemen at that, presumably.

It wasn’t management at Michigan’s Calvin College who were confused as to what had been booked to entertain their students – in fact they were rather complimentary about the band – but apparently enough local stakeholders expressed concern to justify canning the event.

A statement from the college’s activities office said: “We believe that the decision to invite the band fit our rubric of engaging culture through a Christian lens. The band makes good, thoughtful music, and we invited them here based on their artistic merit. However, after weeks of discussion and consideration, the irony of the band’s name was impossible to explain to many. The band’s name, to some, is mistakenly associated with pornography”.

And just in case there was any doubt, the college added: “Neither the college nor the band endorses pornography”.

We don’t know whether the school actually double checked with the band’s members regarding their thoughts on real pornography before making that statement, but we do know they’ve been very apologetic to the group, who seem to have accepted the mix up and cancellation without complaint. They’re probably too busy surfing the net for porn to notice.