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Not keen on heading back to the pub just yet? Now there are two new isolation-busting Nirvana jigsaws to choose from

By | Published on Friday 3 July 2020


Jigsaws really have become the merch item of choice lately. While not an entirely new trend, bands like These New Puritans and Radiohead have taken advantage of lockdown to put out their own puzzles to keep home-bound fans occupied. Now you can add Nirvana to that list, who have two to keep you busy.

Featuring the cover artwork for the ‘In Utero’ and ‘Nevermind’ albums, the two 500 piece puzzles have been released by Rock Saws – which actually has a pretty vast collection of rock and metal related jigsaws already.

If you’re looking for a puzzle to keep you busy for a while, either of these could be the ones for you. They both look particularly frustrating. Over a quarter of the ‘Nevermind’ cover is solid blue, while most of ‘In Utero’ is an abstract yellow and grey pattern. I’m not saying that they’ve slapped these album covers onto a jigsaw without giving much thought as to how appropriate these images are for the format but, well, I think I probably am saying that.

Anyway, as we seem to be reporting on these things with increased frequency, maybe we should think about starting up a new regular rock jigsaw column here in the CMU Daily. Or perhaps it could be a new podcast. Has anyone else started up a podcast covering all the latest rock jigsaw news yet? I’d be astounded if there weren’t at least one or two. But ours could be the definitive one. Maybe each episode would be me trying to do a jigsaw. Audio gold right there.

Anyway, let us know if the RJP (‘Rock Jigsaw Podcast’) would interest you and we’ll see about getting that up and running ASAP. In the meantime, you can get the ‘Nevermind’ jigsaw here and the ‘In Utero’ jigsaw here.