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Paul Gambaccini replaces Tony Blackburn on Pick Of The Pops

By | Published on Friday 27 May 2016

Paul Gambaccini

Paul Gambaccini is to take over Radio 2’s ‘Pick Of The Pops’ show, it was announced earlier this week, he replacing Tony Blackburn.

Blackburn, of course, was fired by the BBC back in February for basically having a slightly different recollection of a conversation he had in the early 1970s than that recorded in the Corporation’s official files. Which, of course, is a big fat no-no at the BBC. That’s why I have every conversation I ever had with the BBC in the early 1970s fully documented. I mean, I wasn’t alive then, and have never worked for the BBC, but you can’t be too careful. I wouldn’t want to be sacked from ‘Pick Of The Pops’.

“I am honoured to be asked to present one of Britain’s iconic radio programmes”, said Gambo. “I will strive to meet the standards of my illustrious predecessors including Alan Freeman and Tony Blackburn”, he added, assuring a name-check for the show’s axed former frontman, though totally shunning the programme’s previous host Dale Winton.

Meanwhile, over on the tweets, Blackburn himself noted: “Well, you now know Paul Gambaccini is to replace me on ‘Pick Of The Pops’. Obviously I’m sad to have lost a show I loved but I wish Paul well”.