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Poop! Poop! Kanye West releases new music

By | Published on Monday 30 April 2018

Kanye West

So, this whole thing between Kanye West and Hot 97.1 presenter Ebro Darden is still rumbling on. West has now released a new track trolling his new nemesis.

Last week, Darden said on his show that he’d had a conversation with West, who’d told him that he still loves Donald Trump. West then called in to the show the next day to respond, though simply said “I love you” in response to every question.

Then on Friday evening, the rapper tweeted: “I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking”. A new track, ‘Lift Yourself’, then emerged on his website.

Largely instrumental, West eventually announces, “What they don’t really realise, though, this next verse, this next verse, though, these bars…”

He then raps: “Whoopedy-scoop, scoopdiddy-whoop, whoopdy-scoopdy-poop, poopdy-scoopdy scoopdy-whoop, whoopiddy-scoop poop poop, whoopdiddy-whoop-scoop. Poop! Poop! Scoopdiddy whoop, whoopdiddy scoop, whoopdiddy scoop poop”.

What could it mean? I don’t know, but I played it to a baby and he thought it was hilarious. Ebro tweeted that it was “all fun and games”. I don’t know if he played it to any babies though.

Later, West released another new song, ‘Ye V The People’. The track features more coherent lyrics, with TI countering opinions put forward by West.

Both tracks may or may not appear on a new West album, which may or may not be called ‘Love Everyone’. Its cover art may or may not also be a photograph of Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who operated on the rapper’s mother the day before she died.

Tweeting a screengrab of an iMessage conversation with collaborator Wes Lang, West says that he wants to use the image in order to “forgive and stop hating”.

Asked for comment by The Blast, Adams reportedly said “it’s a MacGuffin”, referring to the movie term for an item that is inconsequential in itself but is used as a device to further the plot.