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Pusha T comments on feud between Kanye and Kid Cudi: “It sucks”

By | Published on Tuesday 26 April 2022

Pusha T

Pusha T has said that the ongoing feud between his friends and collaborators Kanye West and Kid Cudi “fucking sucks”. Though he’s nevertheless glad that Cudi let him include a track that features all three rappers on his new album ‘It’s Almost Dry’. But, please note, Cudi himself has said that this will be the last time you will ever hear him and West on the same recording.

“It fucking sucks”, Pusha T tells Vulture. “You know Cudi is my fucking brother to the end. Just navigating these relationships, this brotherhood, the arguing … it gets public. It’s one thing for us to argue. We all argue – that’s not a problem. It gets out there, whether it’s Ye bickering first, or Cudi coming back with what he says. It’s super fucked up”.

West and Cudi have worked together many times in the past, of course, including on their collaborative project Kids See Ghosts. The fall out came when West announced on Instagram that Cudi would not appear on his ‘Donda 2’ album because of his former collaborator’s supposed friendship with comedian Pete Davidson – the current partner of West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

“Just so everyone knows, Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who”, said West in a handwritten note in the now deleted post.

Cudi responded on Twitter, saying: “We talked weeks ago about this. You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet. You ain’t no friend. BYE”.

He also posted a comment under West’s original post, saying: “Too bad I don’t wanna be on your album you fuckin dinosaur hahaha. Everyone knows I’ve been the best thing about your albums since I met you”.

When new Pusha T track ‘Rock N Roll’ – featuring both West and Cudi – turned up on ‘It’s Almost Dry’, there was some hope that this meant that the two rappers had resolved their differences. But Cudi was keen to quickly clarify the situation and dash all that hope.

He tweeted last week: “Hey! So I know some of you heard about the song I got with Pusha. I did this song a year ago when I was still cool with Kanye. I am not cool with that man [now]. He’s not my friend and I only cleared the song for Pusha cuz that’s my guy. This is the last song you will hear me on with Kanye”.

Recalling the recording session for ‘Rock N Roll’, Pusha T says in the Vulture interview: “The day we made this record, everybody was so fucking happy”.

“Ye’s chopping the Beyonce sample”, he goes on. “Cudi happens to come in that day. We see each other, and I hadn’t seen him in a while. He’s like, ‘I gotta get on a record. Are you crazy?’ Cudi did, like, three or four different references. Beyonce cleared the sample. There was so much great energy around the making of that record”.

“You know, time passes, and issues come up”, he adds. “Cudi [is] really doubling down on this being the last time we’re going to hear them two together … He’s a super-convicted motherfucker. So I appreciate him clearing it up. He did what he did for his bro, and I love him for that”.

So, have a listen to (possibly) the last ever track to feature both Kanye West and Kid Cudi, ‘Rock N Roll’, here: