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Pussycat Dolls founder sues Nicole Scherzinger

By | Published on Monday 6 September 2021

Pussycat Dolls

Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin has sued the outfit’s most prominent member, Nicole Scherzinger, accusing her of “extortion”. Antin says that Scherzinger is refusing to take part in a delayed reunion tour unless she is granted a larger share of its profits and “complete creative control”.

Scherzinger agreed to take part in the tour in 2019, following two years of negotiations, says Antin’s lawsuit. A ‘memorandum of understanding’ was signed that year, in which it was agreed that Scherzinger would take part in 45 tour dates, in exchange for 49% of profits. Upon making this agreement, Live Nation provided a $600,000 advance for the tour.

With dates originally scheduled to begin in 2020, Scherzinger actively took part in promoting the tour, the lawsuit adds. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the shows were postponed. They were rescheduled for May and June this year, but were again pushed back. Antin now says that it has not been possible to reschedule the dates again because Scherzinger is refusing to take part unless her new terms are met. As a result, Live Nation is now calling for its advance to be returned.

In the lawsuit, it is claimed that in April this year, Scherzinger’s attorney proposed the new terms, citing “the growth of her personal brand and the opportunities she would have to forego to continue to engage in the partnership with [The Pussycat Dolls], despite being already contractually obligated to be an ‘active partner’ under the terms of the MOU”.

“The position that Scherzinger will not participate in any planned tour now or in the future unless she receives 75% of PCD Worldwide [the company set up to manage the tour] has been repeated and Scherzinger has refused to perform her obligations under the MOU as late as the week before this complaint has been filed. Tour dates were planned but are unable to be confirmed because of Scherzinger’s extortion and Live Nation has demanded the return of its $600,000 investment”.

Antin is suing Scherzinger for breach of contract and fiduciary duty, as well as California business law. She is seeking “damages including all profits lost as a result of Scherzinger refusing to perform, and the value of their cautiously bargained-for consideration constituting nearly half of the prolific business entity Antin created”.

Scherzinger is yet to respond.