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Rdio launches middle market service

By | Published on Thursday 14 May 2015


With much chatter at the moment – not least at this week’s Great Escape – about the need for ‘medium’ in streaming, Rdio has announced a $3.99 package called Rdio Select. And while some of the service’s competitors go for the upper end of the market, Rdio hopes that it can grab the bigger middle market, people willing to pay for streaming music, but not ten dollars a month.

Or in the words of Rdio boss Anthony Bay, speaking to Buzzfeed: “We’ve all been flying airplanes that had business class only. There is no coach”. In the economy section, streamers will get the Pandora-style service Rdio offers on freemium, plus the option to have 25 tracks on demand, a bit like defunct streaming start-up

Which is interesting, though – as has been discussed at CMU Insights @ The Great Escape this morning – while Rdio Select offers more than Rdio freemium, is offers less that the free level the company’s big rivals. Which you have to think makes getting this kind of service off the ground challenging.