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Rob Hallett joins Live Nation

By | Published on Wednesday 28 February 2018

Live Nation

Veteran live music promoter Rob Hallett has joined Live Nation, taking his Robomagic company with him. Although neither firm has yet given an official statement on the deal, Live Nation boss Michael Rapino last night tweeted a link to a report on it, saying: “Great news for us. Finally we work together”.

Hallett then retweeted Rapino’s tweet, and also posted a link to another report on him joining the company. So we’ll take all that as confirmation. Although it’s always possible there’s been a misunderstanding along the way. Maybe all this Twitter activity has somehow accidentally got Hallett a new job. It’d be like that episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where George goes to work for a new company because the boss didn’t finish a sentence.

As you might remember, that’s one of the good ones in the patchy fifth series. I think you can definitely gauge the quality of that show based on how loud people cheer when Kramer appears on screen. It really started to lose its edge when the biggest reaction in any episode was for him just appearing on screen. Though, that’s not entirely fair. There are some classic episodes in the later series. Like the ‘accidentally getting a job’ one. I’m glad to have cleared that up. Hang on, wasn’t I talking about something else?

Oh yeah, Rob Hallett joining Live Nation. According to Billboard, at one point yesterday, the ‘about’ page on the Robomagic website described it as “a Live Nation music company”. However, that and the previous reference to it being “an independent music company” have now both been scrubbed.

Hallett was formerly boss of Live Nation rival AEG Live in the UK, stepping down in 2014. In early 2015, he launched Robomagic as a ‘360°’ operation, operating in various strands of the music business. Although its main focus has always been live.