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Slipknot percussionist pre-empts new album and tour by suing bandmates

By | Published on Friday 15 March 2019


Slipknot have a new album and tour dates coming up this year, and percussionist Chris Fehn is celebrating by suing his bandmates. He accuses frontman Corey Taylor and fellow percussionist Shawn Crahan of setting up companies to syphon off money from touring and merch, cutting him out of income he is due.

According to The Blast, Fehn – a member of the band since 1998 – says that until recently he believed that all of the band’s touring and merch income was channelled through one company and then divided up among the members of the band. However, he says he has now discovered that other band members have set up other companies to receive some of this money.

Specifically singling out Taylor and Crahan, Fehn says that he only recently learned that these other companies existed. He also says that he has never received any income from them, despite believing now that he should have.

In a tweet yesterday, Taylor wrote: “You’re gonna read a lot of bullshit today. This is all I’ll say. JUST YOU WAIT TIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT. Long live the Knot”.

Given that the questions Fehn’s lawsuit is actually asking seem quite simple, I’m not sure caps lock was necessary there. Unless there’s some incredible truth that this is going to uncover that isn’t immediately obvious. Like maybe Fehn is the only member of Slipknot who’s ever received any money. Or maybe it will turn out that they’ve never toured or sold any merchandise, and it’s all just been a dream.

Are we all inside Chris Fehn’s dream? We may have to wait for a court date to find out.