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Snoop Dogg settles lawsuit with brewery

By | Published on Monday 10 October 2016

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has settled his lawsuit against the Pabst Brewing Company, in which he claimed he was owed a cut of profits from the sale of a brand he endorsed.

As previously reported, the rapper was hired to be the face of Blast By Colt 45 in 2011. In his lawsuit, he says that his deal entitled him to 10% of the profits if the brand was sold before January this year.

In 2015, he sued, claiming the company had failed to pay him his cut when Pabst Holdings Inc, which is the sole shareholder in Pabst Brewing, was indeed sold to Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings – a joint venture between Pabst CEO Eugene Kashper and a private equity firm – for $700 million.

Pabst argued that that deal was merely a change in stock ownership, rather than a sale of the company, and therefore Snoop was owed nothing. His lawyers argued that the company had intentionally structured the deal to cut the rapper out, which Pabst countered would have been “ridiculous”. However, in August it was ruled that the case should go to trial.

That trial was due to begin on 31 Oct, but has seemingly now been called off after a settlement between the two sides was reached. Snoop’s attorney Alex Weingarten told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday: “We are pleased that the parties were able to reach agreement and resolve this matter amicably”.

Pabst has not yet commented and details of the settlement have not been released.