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Snoop Dogg to fight meerkats in new ad deal

By | Published on Monday 3 February 2014

Snoop Dogg

Price comparison website MoneySupermarket has hired Snoop Doggy Lion, who’s apparently not pocketing enough hot cash from his other brand deals, to appear in its ‘epic’ new series of adverts. The first MoneySnoopermarket commercial, which doesn’t flog a tired, cartoonish cliché at all, is titled ‘How I Roll’.

This is how it rolls:

Given his plan to pitch rapstar Snoop against a CGI rodent, a fake Italian man and a wobbly droid in the ongoing comparison-site-ad-battle, MoneySupermarket’s Brand Director Gareth Helm reckons Snoop’s chances against, well, a CGI rodent, a fake Italian man and a wobbly droid are good, telling Marketing: “We’ve got tough competitors – the meerkat, the opera singer, the robot – and, as a sector, we’re famous for great advertising. We’ve got to keep getting better, keep moving on and up”.

Helm adds: “I think we’re in a really good position because we own an insight that people relate to. When I look at my competitors, the meerkat is wearing out and getting a bit tired. How many meerkats can you collect? It’s also a bit gimmicky”.

Yes, and this isn’t.