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Songkick listings to be integrated into Shazam app

By | Published on Thursday 10 November 2016


Songkick and Shazam have announced an alliance which will see the former’s big fat database of upcoming gigs and events integrated into the latter’s music discovery app, which seems like a highly sensible idea to me.

In fact, I’m not quite sure how it took this long for the two companies to hook up. I mean, they both begin with an ‘S’, so must have had lots opportunities to talk before now whenever the world’s music companies are organised into alphabetical order. I expect Spotify, Syco and Sentric to all get involved with this too. Live Nation’s Seatwave can sit it out though, due to the ongoing legal and political wrangling.

The Songkick/Shazam integration, which is due to roll out next year, will “seamlessly connect the experience of discovering artists and seeing them perform live, to hundreds of millions of fans”. It will mean Shazam users get gig listings whenever they identify a song or artist via the app, while Songkick gets access to Shazam’s massive community of music fans.

Says Songkick CEO Matt Jones: “The moment of discovery is such an important time to educate the fan about a show. Shazam plays such a pivotal role in music discovery, and we’re excited to expand our reach to millions of more live music fans around the globe, ensuring Songkick is available wherever fans are engaging the most”.

Meanwhile Shazam’s Chief Product Officer Fabio Santini adds: “We’re constantly looking for ways to branch out in new ways to serve our users, focusing on what is important to music fans. In partnering with Songkick to create this new offering, we are able to further connect the dots from discovery to fandom that make up a strong artist-to-fan relationship. We are extremely excited about bringing this to our global community in 2017”.

Extreme excitement from Fabio there. And why not, I say. They should get Suggs and Shakira to launch it at the Shacklewell Arms.