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SoundCloud launches Discord bot

By | Published on Friday 21 October 2022


SoundCloud has confirmed its launch of an official music bot on Discord, which aims to aid the discovery and playing of music within the messaging platform.

Discord users can invite SoundCloud’s bot to their server, and from there use text prompts to discover new music, play tracks from their SoundCloud library, adjust volume and more. Most importantly, it’ll allow the sharing of music within Discord servers without the risk of any pesky takedown notices.

Earlier this year, global record industry trade group the IFPI included Discord on a list of online services that it reckons facilitate music piracy, in a submission detailing what it felt should be included on the next edition of the European Commission’s Counterfeit And Piracy Watch List.

Meanwhile, last year a Discord server called RipRequests was taken down after members began sharing pre-release downloads of Adele’s ‘30’ album. The RIAA – which submitted the takedown notice on behalf of Sony Music – said that the community was “dedicated to the ripping and sharing of music”.

Whether the SoundCloud bot is something actively pursued by Discord to counteract some of these concerns, or simply SoundCloud spying an opportunity, is not clear.